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Can design thinking help my business?

Too often I have come across IT based projects that are following the traditional business thinking with the primary target for value creation being the Board of Directors and senior management, in addition the focus is on the technology itself…… but is this really the right way, especially when looking at digital transformation?

This question might be answered if we are to look into how design thinking would tackle issues such as digital transformation of a business. As the name suggests it has it background in the designing of products but is now modified for the business world. What sets design thinking apart from the traditional business approach is that its human centred. It looks to find that balance between Desirability (Human), Feasibility (Technology), and Viability (business).

Design thinking when undertaking a digital transformation project will focus on the end user and a then find a solution that fits in them. Opposed to what can happen with a traditional approach that try and fit the user around an already chosen solution.

The 4 rules of design thinking (Human, Ambiguity, Redesign, Tangibility) apply to that of digital transformation just as much as they do to designing products.

The Human rule: No matter what the context, all design activity is social in nature, and any social innovation will bring us back to the “human-centric point of view”. With digital transformation we must not lose sight of the people behind the technology.

The Ambiguity Rule: Ambiguity is inevitable, and it cannot be removed or oversimplified. Experimenting at the limits of your knowledge and ability is crucial in being able to see things differently. When finding solutions for the digital transformation it is important to keep an open mind and if needed bring in experts who can expand the vision and ideas.

The Redesign Rule: All design is redesign. While technology and social circumstances may change and evolve, basic human needs remain unchanged. We essentially only redesign the means of fulfilling these needs or reaching desired outcomes. This is essentially what digital transformation is!

The Tangibility Rule: Making ideas tangible in the form of prototypes enables designers to communicate them more effectively. When looking for digital solutions allow the users to get hands on to find the right solution!

As stated before, design thinking changes the focus of an IT project away from purely technology. In the past a business would decide to implement new technology (call it ‘the solution’) due to ‘the problem’ being associated with the current technology in place. However, we must move away from that view and instead look to find out ‘the right problem’ so to find ‘the right solution’. To correctly implement a digital transformation of a business it is not just about the technology but about the processes and ultimately people the behind it.

To better understand your business digital transformation needs, we at OGMA Limited are always happy to support you in realising ‘the right problems’ and so to deliver ‘the right solutions’. -

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